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Story of creation

Working on various interesting projects, each one had to have it's own name, lifetime and place in my personal documentation, Internet, etc. One late summer evening, while looking at the reflection of the moon on the sea surface, an idea came to my mind - to take everything I thought is worthwhile, put it together in a portfolio and name it Moonpath.

Said and done!

The Internet is a relatively free and neutral space where everyone can learn and share experiences, therefore ...

  • Has anyone else already had an idea with the same name?
  • What if tomorrow one shows up?

Research and reasoning

  • The name was not very popular on the Internet, which is good.
  • For a while I thought that I could only rely on a timely purchased domain. Later I discovered the Patent Office, where there is a register of trademarks. The rules allow everyone to keep what they come up with after, of course, paying the fee, waiting a period of several months for experts to check the uniqueness of the name and then watching to renew this registration (again for a fee) when it is due for renewal. That didn't grab me ...

As if that's just ther right thing! As an avatar.

And so at the end of 2020, Moonpath Ltd. was born, which officially began its activity on 1-st of December 2020 ✨

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